My Time Exploring St. Louis & Everything You need to Know

By October 5, 2016 Travel

I had the most incredible time exploring St. Louis with the Alive Mag team for Explore Saint Louis. I spent 4 days with other amazing women discovering things to do and see in this hidden gem of a city. I was pleasantly surprised by how passionate the residents were, and how involved they were in making St. Louis thrive again, sharing all of the history behind St. Louis. There is a large young creative community growing in STL because the cost of living is amazing and the architecture of the homes/building are from the 1800s. So there is tons of art, events, festivals, stores, neighborhoods with character, and culinary cuisine fit for any foodie like myself. It’s definitely a place I recommend visiting and maybe even moving to if you’re looking for a hip, up and coming city with a very affordable cost of living.
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Garmentory: Women We Love, Nikisha Brunson

By August 18, 2016 Food & Health, Style
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I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my interview with Garmentory Magazine. Their site Garmentory is one of my favorite places to shop so I was more than happy to be their girl crush!
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Get Your Healthiest Skin: How to Know the Best Oil to Use for Your Skin Type

By August 5, 2016 DIY
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I always get asked what I use on my skin to make it look so healthy and glowing, and surprisingly I actually haven’t always had healthy skin. During my high school years and some bouts in my early 20’s I had acne which I’m sure was hormonal and stress related. My skin is still super oily and prone to getting clogged. When I started eating better, getting a good nights rest (noticed I said night, not day), living a stress free life and using all natural oils, my skin became healthy. I’ve researched a ton over the years as part of what I love to do and found out some amazing information. Things that might seem counter intuitive, like putting oil on already oily skin, or skin that’s prone to breakouts. So here is some great info that can get you started on your journey to your healthiest skin, and it starts with some questions like; what is your skin type? What are the best carrier oils for your skin type? What are the benefits of using carrier oils over moisturizing creams? (I’ve also included oils that are best for eczema and psoriasis)
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My OSO Mattress Review

By May 19, 2016 Uncategorized

Our mattress at home was well overdue for a replacement. My husband and I had the typical mattress with springs in it. The middle was slightly sunken in making for awful nights of sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, and in the morning I would always have a sore back. It was just awful! Since our last purchase new technology has come out to make mattresses that are better for your body which means better sleep.
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Nikisha Brunson X Loeffler Randall: Plus 20% Off

By March 16, 2016 Style

I’m excited to be an LR girl! Loeffler Randall trailed me for a week as I wore my favorite LR shoes, the Manon Espadrille. My signature interview is on the LR Blog. They have also given me a dedicated sale so you guys can get 20% off select shoes for the next week starting from today! I’ve already informed my girlfriends who go nutts off of Loeffler Randell shoes. The special code is: NB20. Happy shoe shopping ladies!
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Nikisha On ADHD, Motherhood, Grace & Forgiveness: Kaleidoscope Society (FOR AND BY WOMEN WITH ADHD)

By February 28, 2016 Food & Health
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I am really excited to share my interview Nikisha: on ADHD, Motherhood, Grace, & Forgiveness from an amazing website for women and by women with ADHD  called Kaleidoscope Society. One of my biggest passions is being an advocate for people with ADHD (my son and I have been diagnosed with it). There are many misconceptions about it and a lot of people who don’t take it as seriously as other disorders like, austism, bi-polar, etc. By sharing my story I hope to clear up a lot of the misconceptions that are widespread throughout society, and also shed light on how serious this disorder needs to be taken. I also want to let others know they are not alone and there are ways that someone with ADHD can live a successful life. Read part of my interview below:
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My Closet for Man Repeller

By January 26, 2016 Style
I’m so excited to share my Closet for Manrepeller
Written by Amelia Diamond

Urban Bush Babes co-founder and editor-in-chief, Nikisha Brunson has the kind of laid-back style that turns the phrase “getting dressed” into “being dressed,” if that makes any sense. Her seven-day-wardrobe is a blend of easy pieces and muted tones, jumpsuits and kimonos: clothes that are meant to be lived in, lounged in and loved on but never fussed over.
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Nikisha Brunson for Glamour Magazine “What Went into that Skin?”

By January 18, 2016 Food & Health
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My latest interview for Glamour Magazine’s February issue is out, and I’m talking skin! What Went Into That Skin by Cristina Mueller interviews me and four other women (Jade Lai, founder and designer of Creatures of Comfort, Alexis Krauss, singer of Sleigh Bells, Shiva Rose, environmental activist, blogger, and skincare owner of Shiva Rose, and Camilla Deterre, interior designer). Find out my daily regimen where I talk about my recently launched skincare and haircare line Folie, and how I stave off acne.

Photo by Nicole Mlakar

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Definitive Music Guide of 2015

By January 3, 2016 Music

Congratulations! You’ve made it through another year! As you close the chapter of 2015, please don’t stop yourself from listening to the amazing music that came out during the year. I’ve created this website that lists the best music from the year. Spoiler alert: Justin Bieber didn’t make the list. Hopefully some of these albums/artists you haven’t heard of yet.

Link: Definitive Music Guide of 2015

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10 Netflix Series Worth Binge Watching

By December 29, 2015 Cinema

I’m a bit oldschool. I mean, I miss the days of riding my bike to the video store and perusing through the videos in each isle — I miss putting my hands on the video cases, looking at the movie posters on the walls, and overhearing peoples conversations about how Scorsese is better than Kubrick. With the invention of the internet and streaming videos, those days of going to the physical video store are long gone. Now we can cruise through every movie ever made without getting off of our couches. Heck, some people are even watching new releases as soon they are released in the theatre. With all of these opinions at our fingertips, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options — and not know what is watch worthy. So, here’s my guide to the 10 series on Netflix that are worth your time.

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